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-Was ich neuerdings übers bloggen denke und wieso sich gerade viel in meinem Leben und in meinem Kopf ändert-

Styria, Austria

Summer Goals & A Little Catch Up

Long-time no see! I really missed you and blogging! The last month was weird – stuffed with laboratories at uni, last exams and writing protocols, which were hideously long. I submitted them this week on Monday, and I can’t tell you how relieved I am. HOLIDAYS! Well sort of, because I also started my summer job two weeks ago, but it’s not too bad and a million times better than last years’. Writing a bachelor thesis long protocol and spending quite a lot of time in front of a computer at work, made me weep whenever I thought about sitting down to open word and write a post for you guys. But now, I’m back and pumped, full of ideas for many July blog posts. So get excited!

Today I need to tell you my five goals for this summer. And no, it’s def not the sort of post where I beat myself up and say “actually, start working out again, Lena!”. TBH, it’s quite the opposite. It’s all about remembering myself – and hopefully you – that I really need to enjoy myself.

Spend time outside

For most of the people, this is no surprise since it’s summer aka the best time of the year with the best weather and all the other great things (ice cream!). But as I mentioned multiple times, I’m just an autumn-winter girl – give me a big cup of tea and a cosy jumper and I’m the happiest person in the world! – which is why I usually try to stay inside/ in the shade for most of the time. Somehow, things are different this year! I actually CRAVE the sun, sitting outside and all this kinda things. Literally cried this Tuesday since I was so mad about the shitty weather haha! My theory behind this sudden change of heart is that I was caged inside with the need for studying and other uni stuff for just too long. Let's head outdoors! (For anybody wondering, I’m sitting on the balcony writing this post and I’m loving it)


I mean this is quite an obvious one because I need an occupation when I’m lying in the sun all day, don’t I? Apart from that, it’s something I’ve done quite extensively when I wasn’t so busy with uni stuff, so it’s time to get back into it! I set myself the goal to read at least 3 English books until September and some German books as well. I know, it’s not a lot but I’m still working full time and want to spend time with my fam and friends – which leads me to the next point.

Have the best time with friends and family

A good old backslap for this great connection, Lena! Jokes aside, I really want to spend a lot of time with my loved ones, especially since I’m not a lot at home during the uni year. Big need to refill my social batteries and catch up with friends I don’t see too much. Can’t wait to spend an afternoon with a BBQ with my fam, followed by a good glass (rather bottle tbh) wine with my friends!


The same thing applies to you guys and the blog. I know I didn’t but a lot of time in this blog during the last months but I’m still loving and craving blogging. That’s why I want to try to make the most of it during my holidays. So – fingers crossed – stay tuned for more than two posts a month! It’s gonna be awesome!

Step out my comfort zone

Last but not least, stepping out of my comfort zone is the biggest goal for this summer. And it’s def something that I can do while doing all of the things mentioned above. From wearing hot pants in public to be spontaneous with friends – I’m really trying hard. Apart from that, I also started posting Insta stories where I talk – which is a big deal for me. I also want to make a little clip for IGTV but I’m not too keen on this new feature so I don’t know, we’ll see.
Finally, I just wanted to say again, that it’s all about enjoying myself. There’s no need for a bungee jump or forcing myself into spending every hour of my day with friends. In the end, I want to make the best out of this summer and don’t force me into doing anything which means stress for me. I just want to do whatever I want to do –it’s so so simple but we all need a gentle reminder that that’s actually ok.

Care less, enjoy more 

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A New Episode

Hey guys!

Did you notice that something’s different today? Hell yeah, I finally changed the blog name! To avoid any misunderstanding, it’s still me, Lena, writing these posts but the blog itself isn’t any longer called THE f and f CLUB. I hope you like the new name and it’d be super happy if you leave a comment with your opinion on the new name. If you’re interested in what the new name means, just keep on reading!

As you can tell the new name is Lena xx VIE and I’m gonna tell you the meaning of the name in the following paragraphs. So let’s start with the most obvious part – Lena. Yeah what should I say, it’s my name. You’ll probably remember that I always spoke about making my blog a little bit more me aka more Lena. When I first launched this blog, I def hadn’t the guts to tell the world that I’m writing these posts – and tbh even a year after starting blogging, I haven’t told my parents anything about it. Anyways, now I’m (kinda) ready to claim this blog and spread my name – and hopefully tell my parents.

Now to the two xx – drumroll please! They are just two kisses. If you’re a long-time reader of my blog, you’ll know that I always finish my posts with Lena xx and that’s it. Oh Lord, you must think that I’m the lamest person in the world, but hey thanks for keep on reading. While thinking about a new blog name I actually considered using “Lena xx” on it’s one, but yeah, even I noticed that that was probably a little bit very trite.

And that’s where the VIE part came in and it’s actually the part of the name which has the coolest meaning. First of all, it stands for Vienna. You probably noticed that the IATA code (yes I needed to google this, but it’s basically just the individual 3 letter code for every airport) for the Vienna International Airport is VIE. At the mo, I’m calling Vienna my hometown and I’m def gonna live here for the next 3 years too. Apart from that, la vie is also life in French which is quite fitting since I’m writing about lifestyle bits and bobs.

Long story short, the name Lena xx VIE just means that this is a lifestyle blog from Lena, a girl who lives in Vienna. So now this blog is what it says on the tin.
I hope you liked this quite rambly post and thanks a lot for supporting me and reading my posts. It literally means the world for me when somebody takes time to read these posts and leaves a comment or follows me on my social media account or on Bloglovin. I hope you aren’t too confused about this change of name and keep following my blog.

Lots of love,

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Vienna, Austria

May Favourites

Oh hello June, long time no see! Since time flies by like crazy, it’s time for another monthly favourites. I haven’t done one of them in quite a while, which is a shame because they are the kind of content I love to create but also watch/read from other bloggers. But now to the nitty gritty because I really need to go back to study haha. Here are my 5 things I loved in May.

First of all, let’s talk about my new trousers for summer. I know that my last weeks post was about these but I need to mention them here because they literally changed my life. I’m writing this post in some similar styled, slightly more tailored trousers from Monki and they are the comfiest, but still the most business looking trousers I own. And I love the fact, that I won’t get too hot today – even though they said it’s gonna be 30°C. Apart from that, I just love how these trousers showed me, that it’s really good to branch out sometimes, not only style wise. So – hopefully – it’s gonna be a summer of stepping out of my comfort zone, trying new things and thinking out of the box. If you want to read more about my love to this style of trousers, check out my latest blog post.

Since I already started with fashion/style – I never know if I should start with style or beauty, any preferences? – another clothing item I love is my new black denim jacket from Weekday. I got it in the last week of April and wear it ever since – fun fact, I’m also wearing this jacket writing this post (air con is crazy). Since I literally wear it all the time, I’m pretty sure that you saw some pics of me wearing it on Instagram – and now the obligatory begging - check out my Instagram and follow me if you haven’t already. Jokes aside, I can’t describe how much I love it and I think that these were the best 70€ I spent in a long time. I would def buy the whole Weekday shop if it weren’t that expensive, but it’s amazing for an occasional treat yourself moment. If you’re thinking about buying this jacket, keep on mind that it’s really oversized – I got it in a XS and it’s still perfectly oversized on me.

Style faves done and dusted, on to the beauty bits! There isn’t one piece of makeup in this May Favourites – kinda crazy I know, but I didn’t really wear lots of makeup during the last month since I spent a lot of time at home studying. But if I’m getting around to do a June favourites, I’m pretty sure that I have at least one lip stain to mention but you’ll see that another time. As I said, I studied a lot and therefore I was really in need for some pamper sessions every now and then. Browsing my local drugstore, I found the new facemask from L’Oréal, the crazy blue one, and just picked it up. And oh my word, it’s amazing! I really like it since I actually see some results the second I take it off, which is amazing (got anybody time for “the skin will look ... in 8 weeks”?). You’re supposed to use it twice a week, but I’m kinda struggling with that, however I really can see a difference – smaller pores and less visible blackheads -  around my nose. Already recommended it too my best friend, hope she’ll like it too.

So my next fave is a perfume – little philosophical question: are perfumes beauty products? - and it’s the pure pastel mint from Betty Barclay. No one guessed that, right? And tbh, I’m quite surprised to love this so much too! I was on the hunt for a really affordable, fresh and slightly flowery perfume for at home, went to my local drugstore and bought this one. And I’m complete honest with you, when I say that I get compliments from everyone whenever I wear it - my mother says it too me every single day even though she knows that it’s always the same perfume. Therefore, great little, super yummy smelling, confidence boost for every day.

Last but not least, I have a series which I totally adore – like well and truly, because I’m already watching it a second time with my boyfriend. It’s “The Night Manger” and holy guacamole watch it! There’s only one series out yet but they’re planning for a second one – which is great because I don’t want it to end haha. What do expect? Great actors and actresses, something a little bit thrilling, posh, love and so so much more – it literally ticks all the boxes of a great, exciting series. Personally, the cherry on top of whole thing, is that most of the actors and actresses are English with an amazing English accent – and you guys know that I’m a complete sucker for everything with British English! Has anybody watched it and want to discuss it? I’m totally up for it!

And that’s a wrap! Leave a comment down below with anything you loved in May. And as I already said, it’d be super lovely from you to follow me on Instagram (we’re super close to 200!) and on Bloglovin’.

Have a great week!
Lena xx

The Trousers You Want To Wear All Summer

When it comes to thinking about summer clothes, I feel very uncomfortable to point where I actually feel sick and anxious. Bloody hell I hate dressing for summer!! I want to spend my life in black jeans with a tee or a jumper and in some converse or boots – thanks! But living in Austria, where it easily gets over 30°C during the summer months, that’s just not possible – or at least not possible if I don’t want to sweat even more and faint.

So I noticed that my hate and fear of summery clothes really ruin the whole season. Which is a shame since summer is all about having fun and enjoying yourself! And that’s where I realised that I have to step out of my comfort zone and find clothes which are comfy, sweat proof, stylish and most importantly making me feel good about myself. Tbh, I’m def a whole shopping day and quite a lot of money away from the perfect summer wardrobe, but I actually found the style of trousers I want to wear all summer!

Having a quite small waist and big hips, low waisted shorts don’t to a favour to me and my body shape. Oh and I only wear black denim, so the standard blue denim hot pants are def nothing for me. Therefore I have quite a selection of high waisted shorts which aren’t denim – which is a plus since there’re stretchy and comfier. I am quite fine with these shorts but I’m not a big fan of showing my legs. And that’s where my new trousers come in handy.

I adore my new high waisted long trousers. And they’re perfect for summer since they are super thin - but not see-through -  and super floaty. My 18-year-old me wouldn’t believe me if I said I’ll wear wide leg trousers in two years - I always thought they aren’t for me since my leg are quite big anyway and that it’d look ridiculous. And you know what? I was talking and thinking BS!! I actually think that they are flattering and I love that they’re looking like I’m wearing a midi skirt. So a big thank to @icovetthee who started wearing wide leg jeans this spring! She def made me want to try this style of trousers!

For anybody who’s concerned that these long trousers are too hot for summer – believe it or not, but they are more cooling than hot pants, since there’s always a little breeze around your legs. Feels like a portable air con.

Apart from these stripy ones from H&M, I also bought 2 black ones from Monki. One of them is a little bit more tailored and therefore more work appropriate and the other one is just as floaty and wide as the H&M ones, just all black and plisse.
So I hope you’ll find this post useful if you hate shorts like do. I pray that I’ll find something similar top and shoe wise, aka something I feel super comfy and cool in it. As always, I’d love to have a chat with you and if you have any summer clothing recommendations, I’m so up for them!  That’s it for today.

Lots of love 

Lena xx

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Mixtape of April

Holy moly it’s MAY! Time flies by and therefore it’s time for another mixtape of the month. Tbh with you, this post was meant to be a monthly favourite but, as you might have seen on my Insta stories, I broke my camera – arrrg still hate myself for that! – therefore I couldn’t really shoot any pics. ANYWAY, there’re two things why a monthly mixtape makes totally sense this month. First of all, I listened to so much music and I bloody enjoyed it! Secondly, I finally got Spotify Premium! I think I was the last person who got it, but yeah better late than never. So, if you like this post and want to listen to my playlists, just follow me on Spotify. But for now, let’s get prepared for a lot of 80s and grab yourself some headphones!

The playlist I listened the most this month is “All out 80s”! Really really good, know nearly every song and yeah just AWESOME! I’m actually a big fan of the 80s and I think it’s because my parents listened to them all the time when I was a child. This playlist includes my favourite song from March and April and it’s Come On Eileen – it makes me soo happy!!

Apart from the 80s, there’s a new album by Die Fantastischen Vier and yeah, I wasn’t really prepared to like it THAT much – especially since I usually don’t listen to them. However, from the second I listened to first song I knew that this album is amazing and I’m currently telling everyone around me how great it is and that they need to listen it. And now I’m telling it to you, it’s bloody great so go and listen to it!! But tbh, I’m totally aware that German rap and hip hop isn’t everyone cup of tea, especially since I normally hate German music too, but this is really awesome!

So these were the main two playlists I’m currently loving, however there’s a little variation of artists that I like to listen every now and then. First of all, I can’t help myself, but as soon as it’s getting warmer I love to listen to Cage The Elephant since it’s the ultimate feel good music. Apart from that, I’m also liking Muse and Paramore at the mo. And of course, Limp Bizkit, so great! Can’t wait to see them live in June AAAH!! That’s pretty much it, however, as you might know, I’m a big fan of classical music, and this month I really enjoyed Vivaldi. And on that note, finally got around to watch the latest season of Mozart In The Jungle, which is one of my fave series and it was soo great and I can’t stand it that it’s over again. And I just read that it's totally canceled now and I'M FREAKING OUT!

It’s time to wrap this post up as I start rambling too much. I hope you liked this mixtape and as I already said, you can follow me on Spotify if you fancy to see what I listen to next. I’m totally aware that my taste is a little bit weird but that’s the music I genuinely love and I like to be honest with you guys. What did you listen to in April? Let’s chat in the comments! If you want to read more from me, stay tuned for the next post and subscribe or follow me on Instagram or Bloglovin’ to get informed whenever I post.

Have a great Sunday and a good start to the week!
Lena xx

What I Eat In A Day | Sunday Edition

Even though this “what I eat in a day” post is gonna be what it says on the tin, there’s gonna be a quite ramble-ish introduction – so I’d really recommend getting cosy with a cup of tea or a Frappuccino if the weather is still so beautiful when you’re reading this. 

So you probably know that I want to rename my blog for quite a while now, because I want more me, more Lena in the name. I still find my current name quite cool but I actually never explained to you what the two fs mean – the big reveal: it stands for fashion and food, since these were the things I originally wanted to blog about. If you’re reading my posts quite frequently you’ll know that I haven’t done a food related blog since July 2017, so I pretty much just wrote about food during the first month of blogging. But why? Well it just turned out that I’m not a big fan of reading about food so I just never had the passion to write the next masterpiece at this genre. Apart from that, I never really follow a recipe, since I always mix and match it to my current needs. So that being said, there’s a subtype of food content which I love and it’s the classic “what I eat in a day” kinda post. Because you guys know, I’m one of the most curious human beings out there and just the possibility to know what somebody eats on an average day makes me want to click the title/ watch the video.  And today is finally the day when I’m doing one of these, and since it’s my first one, it’d be lovely to get some feedback from you in the comments.  

So I’m starting this average “what I eat in a day” post series – woah nobody said it’s gonna be a series Lena, but we’ll see – with a little twist since it’s Sunday, which means more time for cooking aka more elaborated recipes and some cheeky little – tbh ratter big – portions of chocolate! Just to give you an overall view: it was a good day, food-wise at least, and I enjoyed putting these recipes together. But now, let’s get down to the nitty-gritty.   

I start my day with a good breakfast and since it’s a Sunday, it’s a little bit more than just a bowl of cereals. So for todays breakfast I craved some homemade granola with something like a smoothie on side – a little bit wired but I really fancy it. For the granola, simply take some unsweetened grains of your choice and mix it with some nuts, flaxseed and pumpkin seeds and combine everything with a little bit of maple syrup. For the real granola experience, you should roast this mixture in the oven – be aware, that it can burn quite easily – however I’m quite hungry and impatient today so I just eat the “raw” mixture. I don’t really want my granola with yoghurt or milk today, so I blend up some frozen berries with water and add it to the bowl. I’m really happy with the result and it’s freaking delicious – however, there’s a little bit room for improvement: I’d really recommend to add a frozen banana or some yoghurt to the frozen berries so it’s a little bit creamier. While eating the breakfast, I’m watching the newest video from Alana – she’s so pretty and her makeup skills are just mind blowing. Lovely morning! Now it’s time for studying MEH!

I’m checking in with you guys again and it about 12 pm, studying was very productive and I’m starving. For lunch I’m gonna make some PIZZA!!! Yummy! So, I got some new cookbooks about a month ago and there’s a recipe for a Mexican pizza in one of them. So, if you know me, you’ll know that I’m the biggest fan of Mexican food – chili is my fave food since I’m 10. So a Mexican Pizza seems to be the best thing from both worlds! Even though it Sunday, I’m not making the dough from scratch – one because I don’t have a good pizza dough recipe, and two because I want to try out this new low carb “dough”from Lizza. Tbh, I haven’t the highest hope for this dough but I’m just intrigued by the idea of a healthier pizza.

For the Mexican pizza you'll need:
  • A dough of your choice
  • Some tomato sauce – I made it myself with some tomato puree, lots of garlic, salt and pepper
  • Canned kidney beans and corn – more corn than beans since it can get a little bit try
  • Some cheese of your choice – I only had parmesan at home but it was still very tasty
  • A small sliced red onion
  • 2 or 3 sliced champignons
  • A half avocado

 I won’t go step for step through this recipe because everybody knows how to add topping on a pizza, however add the avocado just before serving. Avocado on pizza? Hell yes, avocado is bloody delicious no matter where you put it, trust me! Anyways, this pizza tastes really good – quite surprised to say that, but I’m a fan of the dough! – but I probably wouldn’t add the kidney beans once again, since they were a little bit too try.

So, I told you, it’s a Sunday and what’s a Sunday without a cheeky little treat. On that note, it’s time for chocolate! At the mo, I have the Milka Almond Caramel at home and holy moly that stuff is goooood! If you’re a fan of salted caramel and crunchy sweets, you have to try it.

After a looong afternoon with studying – Sunday funday??? – I’m ready for a dinner which lifts up my mood. That combined with an old sweet potato just screams sweet potato fries to me. For making them, I chop the sweet potato in chips like chunks, add one tablespoon of oil and then it’s time for seasoning. I usually go for quite a lot of salt and paprika powder but this time I also add a teaspoon of marble syrup because I read somewhere that that’s actually really good. Apart from that, you can also add a little bit of flour to make them a little bit crunchier. I let them sit for an hour to soak up all the spices and then I simply put them in the oven for about 40 minutes at 200°C. If you want them to by extra crispy you should at more oil.

Aaaand that’s it! That was my first what I eat in the day post, so I’d be really cool if you leave a comment how you liked it. Apart from that, I'd be super lovely if you subscribe or check out my Instagram or follow me on Bloglovin'

I hope you have a lovely Sunday!

Lena xx
Vienna, Austria